2006, DV, 실험/다큐멘터리, 컬러, 사운드, 11:00


2005 한일 우정의 해에 방문한 짧은 일본 여행의 기록. 일본 까마귀들로 온통 뒤덮인 요요기 공원의 위압적인 풍경은, 과거의 아픈 역사를 직접 겪어보지 못한 개인에게 여전히 집단적인 기억과 트라우마의 흔적을 남긴다.


“Kwang-Ju Son turned the travelogue into a contemplative work on nationality in Yoyogi Park. Made in 2005, the Korea-Japan Friendship Year, the film considers contemporary Japan from the viewpoint of the Korean-born filmmaker. Over images of crows perched on trees in Yoyogi Park, one of Tokyo’s largest recreation areas, Son confesses in a letter that “as long as I am Korean, Japan becomes larger than its own identity, and more abstract.” The branches, too, tend toward abstraction, rapidly passing back and forth across the screen, and what Son seeks to grasp in both image and nation seems to escape her. Unable to capture a sense of the country, she films instead the place, Yoyogi Park, and wonders where its mysterious crows came from.” – Genevieve Yue, senses of cinema

전시 및 상영

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