2018, Experimental, HD, B&W/Color, Sound, 11:25


A ROOM WITHOUT MIRRORS delves into the intriguing narrative of a hidden underground bunker, discovered in 2005, that bafflingly lacks any recorded history. This enigmatic bunker becomes a metaphorical representation of a fictional political prisoner, haunted by amnesia and devoid of knowledge about its own past. The Agency, unwilling to accept the notion of the bunker's existence without purpose or reason, compels it to fabricate a detailed history through a multitude of records that may not directly pertain to its true origins.

Throughout years of relentless interrogation, the bunker grapples with the decision of crafting a story, endeavoring to remain as close to the truth as possible. Through the deft utilization of news archives and evocative sounds from the 1970s, A ROOM WITHOUT MIRRORS brings forth a poignant depiction of our collective childhood memories marked by rupture, trauma, and loss. Its intention is not to reconstruct an authentic image of the past, but rather to unravel the intricate ways in which the past is imbued with meaning and ultimately forgotten.


2022 (group) ARCHIVED MEMORIES, SeMA Bunker, Seoul, KR
2019 Sharjah Film Platform, Sharjah, AE
2018 (solo) A ROOM WITHOUT MIRRORS, SeMA Bunker Historic Gallery, Seoul, KR

Supported by

SeMA Bunker Archive Project


SeMA, Seoul, KR