D+1: 2012-2015

2017, 2-channel video installation, mixed media, HD, Color, Sound, 6:33/17:48(loop)


D+1:2012-2015 orchestrates a ceremonial farewell for a script that, despite its potential, failed to materialize into a film.

Through the solemn rituals of dressing the lifeless body of the script, offering prayers to console its forsaken spirit, and ultimately laying it to rest through symbolic cremation, this poignant commemoration exalts what can be termed as the ‘tragic joy.’ In aligning with Yeats’s concept of the sublime, it transcends the confined fate of mere cinematic expressions, constrained by the dominance of narrative fiction films.


2019 (group) A-side-B, PS333@Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul, KR
2017 (group) The Third Tongue, MMCA Changdong, Seoul, KR