2007, DV, Experimental, Color, Sound, 10:30


Stationary yet ever in motion, the camera captures an ethereal vision—a glimpse into the internal landscape of time and space, or rather, the mirage of self-image. Within this captivating frame, the camera unravels the intricate tapestry of the “atmosphere of uncertainty” that permeates a particular enclosed realm of existence.


2019 (group) VIDEO LANDSCAPE, OVNi Festival, Nice, FR
2019 EMAF, Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, KR
2018 DEAR CINEMA 4, MMCA Film & Video, Seoul, KR
2018 (group) VIDEO LANDSCAPE, Total Museum of Contemporary Art,, Seoul, KR
2018 (solo) THE HARE IN EXILE, JCC Art Center, Seoul, KR
2016 (group) EMERGING OTHER, Arko Art Center, Seoul, KR
2007 Open Studio @ Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, NL