2021, 3-channel video installation, HD, Color, Sound, 33:15


With the arrival of summer and the melting of the sea ice, the annual Arctic expedition sets sail aboard the research icebreaker Araon, venturing into the depths of the ocean floor. Among the individuals on board are the dedicated crew members responsible for the ship's operation, diligent researchers investigating the profound impacts of rapid global warming on the ocean, and occasionally, an artist.

In the wake of my mother's passing, I embarked on this remarkable journey in 2019, making my way through Alaska, accompanied by a book on the soul.



2023 (group) Narratives for Nature, Regarding Nature, Daecheongho Museum of Art, Cheongju, KR
2023 (group) Direct from Antartica and the Arctic to Incheon Airport, Incheon International Airport, Incheon, KR
2023 (group) 0.1cm:Artists who Traveled to the Poles, Gallery K.O.N.G., Seoul, KR
2023 (group) Extra Contrast:Porsche and Dump Truck, Artplug Yeonsu, Incheon, KR
2022 (group) Place, Site, Space, Art Center Whiteblock, Paju, KR
2021 (solo) Phaedo, Art Space Gwanggyo, Suwon, KR


MMCA(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) Art Bank, Korea

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