2004, 35mm, Fiction, Color, Sound, 22min.


On his way to a blind date, Mr. NO Jae-Won, a young, rich and elitist man, desperately searches for his own answer to her most likely question: "Who is your favourite classical music composer?"


"Son Kwang-Ju's two films [The Third Tongue & Punk Eek] are superb provocations, pushing radical film-making into new, post-Godardian directions." - Tony Rayns


2008 IndieForum
2008 group "Documentary Show-Diary"(Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul)
2008 Asian Hot Shots (Berlin, Germany)
2007 Sangsangmadang Opening Festival
2007 group "KölnShow2" (Köln, Germany)
2006 group "Shared History/Decolonising the Image" (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
2006 Syracuse International Film & Video Festival (Syracuse, NY)
2005 Frankfurt Book Fair: Focus on Korea (Frankfurt, Germany)
2005 International Short Film Festival in Drama (Drama, Greece: Honorary Distinction
2005 International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen (Oberhausen, Germany)
2005 Seoul Net&Film Festival
2005 Lille Short Film Festival (Lille, France)
2005 Image Forum: KOREAN INDEPENDENT CINEMA 2005 (Tokyo, Japan)
2005 International Film Festival Rotterdam (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
2004 Festival of Women in Film
2004 Pusan International Film Festival: Sonje Fund Award

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Eastman Kodak Korea & Cine21