2015-2017, HD video installation(2-ch.), Color, Sound, 08:15


“After the Tortoise’s triumphant victory in the race, the Hare, now exiled to Shanghai, finds solace in a slumber while engrossed in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo,’ only to be plagued by a dream featuring two enigmatic green-eyed monsters.”

ON CONTRADICTION takes the form of a video travelogue through China, interwoven with introspection and nostalgic recollections. Seamlessly merging personal experiences with the backdrop of historical consciousness, this visual journey delves into the palpable anxiety and tension that arises from the coexistence of socialism and capitalism as prevailing social systems in contemporary China. The feverish presence of the color green and the fragmented rhythm of repetition and return serve not only to evoke a sense of disorienting apprehension, but also to conjure an illusory state of societal harmony, where the delicate equilibrium of opposing forces teeters precariously on the edge.


2018 Dear Cinema 4, MMCA Film & Video, Seoul, KR
2017 (group) The Third Tongue, MMCA Changdong, Seoul, KR
2015 (group) Swatch Faces 2015, Venice Biennale, Venice, IT

[responsive_vimeo 219047694]