2015-2017, HD video installation(2-ch.), Color, Sound, 08:15


“After losing the race to the Tortoise, the Hare in Exile to Shanghai fell asleep watching ‘Vertigo’ and dreamed of two green-eyed monsters.”

ON CONTRADICTION is a video travelogue of China with afterthoughts and reminiscences. Bound together with the personal and historical consciousness of time and place, this video explores the anxiety and tension between socialism and capitalism as coexisting social systems in contemporary China. The delirious color green and the schizophrenic rhythm of repetition and return, engender not only the dizzying fear of failing the unity of opposites, but also the vertiginous illusion of a social harmony.


2018 Dear Cinema 4, MMCA Film & Video, Seoul, KR
2017 (group) The Third Tongue, MMCA Changdong, Seoul, KR
2015 (group) Swatch Faces 2015, Venice Biennale, Venice, IT