2011, HD, Fiction, Color, Sound, 99 min. (In theaters: Nov. 17, 2011)


Once an aspiring writer, Soo-Yeon now sustains her livelihood as an assistant scriptwriter under the wings of Moh, a renowned filmmaker known for his commercial successes. Caught in a cycle of churning out formulaic films with predictable characters, Moh yearns to believe that each creation possesses a semblance of novelty, grounded in the realm of reality. However, this pursuit leaves both Moh and Soo-Yeon feeling drained and weary. Amidst this weariness, Soo-Yeon harbors a delicate aspiration to liberate the characters from their one-dimensional existence, yet she soon discovers that her dream is dismissed as a mere "feminine" vanity in the harsh realm of reality.


Clever and moving play with double mirrors. A melancholy female scriptwriter is working with a narcissistic director on a new script. A personal ode to ambition and perseverance in the creative process, but also an ironic deconstruction of the vain laziness with which scripts are often made. - IFFRotterdam


2012 Göteborg International Film Festival (SE)
2011 KOFIC P&A Fund Support
2011 Women Make Waves Film Festival (TW)
2011 New Horizons International Film Festival (PL)
2011 Jeonju International Film Festival (KR)
2011 Festival International Films de Femmes de Créteil (FR)
2011 International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL)

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Korean Film Council