Romeo and Juliet

2019, Drama/Comedy, HD, Color, Sound, 25:00


Within the context of a film production, actors are tasked with portraying the iconic tragedy of William Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET. However, in a twist of fate, they find themselves gathered for the shooting without any prior rehearsals. To further complicate matters, the actors are instructed to perform their roles in English, a language foreign to their native tongues. As the cameras roll on this one-day shoot, the diverse ensemble of actors, each with varying levels of proficiency in English, transforms the ill-fated romance of the star-crossed lovers into an unexpected situation comedy. Now, the question arises: Is this an audacious reinterpretation of Shakespeare's alchemical language, or an act of senseless and irreverent vandalism?


2022 Online Exhibition < The Fables>
2018 group <BROOD PARASITISM>, SeMA Nanji, Seoul, KR